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Everyday we create, display, store, share, modify and search for creative images and ideas, but the business of successfully managing this process is, for many, a mystery of behemothic proportions. Finally, a showcase of experience and solutions is at our doorstep. Terri Dentry talks to several speakers in the line-up for the inaugural Digital Asset Management Asia Pacific (DAMAP) conference.
Header images: Born Into; Optical Itzak 2; Estonian Jewellery; John Lewis/The Boy who Wanted to Touch the Moon; John Power/VJ Mix
Original publication: Design Graphics: DG Magazine 2005
Republished with permission
Digital Asset Management (DAM) and the emerging inclusive category, Marketing Operations Management (MOM), have many complex issues, which are regularly hidden beneath quick band-aid solutions until something makes us sit up and take notice. This is exactly what DAMAP – Digital Asset Management Asia Pacific – is here to do when it is held in Melbourne Australia from the 7-9 August 2005.

In searching for the right mix of industry and expertise to launch this new initiative, Peter Jack, from the Event Management Group, turned to the leading providers of DAM solutions for some insight. Peter was lucky enough to inspire Michael Moon, CEO and President of Gistics, to present the keynote address.

Finding solutions to business needs

Michael Moon has organised and moderated more than 60 conference sessions and 180 corporate seminars on digital brand building, digital asset management, and best practices for interactive services. For DAMAP he will be introducing some of the basic questions faced by business, and showcasing several key steps in finding solutions to these needs. “Driving this session,” says Michael, ‘are the keystones: Why deploy a digital asset management system? What kinds of benefits justify DAM deployment? And, How do you calculate a return on investment?”

Opportunities and challenges

Gistic’s whitepaper on ‘Making the Business Case for Digital Asset Management’ explains how each new wave of computing technology often arrives with a unique set of opportunities and challenges. Their 20-20 insights depict a distilled erudition of industry research and first-hand experience of seasoned business executives. The bottom line clearly demonstrates that the highest return on investment for information technology results from quickly deployed solutions – usually in workgroups or departments – that successfully automate a business process. Business process automation accelerates cycle time and reduces costs, conferring significant competitive advantage to those firms that successfully harness their IT investments.

DAM value

Jennifer Neumann, Founder and CEO of Canto – providers of the cumulus digital library suite, which received the auspicious ‘Best Bang for the Buck’ Award from Frost & Sullivan in 2004 – agrees. ‘Every investment must provide a tangible return and a DAM system makes no exception to this rule,’ says Jennifer. Canto has spent many years working with businesses throughout the world optimising the cumulus suite to ensure it provides the best possible solution for business needs. ‘The deployment of Cumulus is not only designed to optimise workflows for your employees but to save time and money in a sizeable way and to create new sources of income if desired,’ Jennifer continues. ‘The asset in Digital Asset Management is there for a reason: today your digital files are more valuable than ever. With a DAM solution like cumulus you are not only securing your assets but also adding value to your business.’

Launching the new Mazda MX-5

Showcasing the use of digital workflow systems in asset management, Glenn Gibson, Blue Fish Productions, and Tim Handfield, Oloto, will be presenting a case study for DAMAP on the system behind the global launch of Mazda’s new MX-5. Blue Fish Productions utilised an all-digital approach to the creation and worldwide distribution of photography and video assets to support the launch and learnt many lessons along the way. ‘In an industry driven by creative standards, “digital” is often misunderstood by clients and poorly explained by practitioners,’ explains Glenn.

At DAMAP, Glenn will talk about the challenges of adopting digital technology and integrating it into workflow situations that uphold the highest creative standards whilst providing clients with substantial benefits. In partnership with eh Melbourne-based company, Oloto, the pair successfully mastered the worldwide distribution of all photographic assets, which was coordinated via a secure web-based asset management and distribution system. Mazda’s worldwide marketing and PR departments, along with their global partners (ad agencies, designers, and web developers) were also able to provide instant feedback to Blue Fish via a web interface to their specific requirements for customisation and digital retouching of images to incorporate local model specification variations.

Why attend DAMAP?

With the implementation and sourcing of best practice DAM solutions becoming one of the key issues on many business agendas, the investment in attending this valuable conference is highly recommended. For the first time in Australia, DAMAP is offering an unparalleled opportunity to examine all the best DAM and related technologies at one event. Registration and the conference agenda are available on the website. DAMAP will be held in Melbourne Australia from 7-9 August 2005.



Terri Dentry is an independent film journalist, animation producer, and the Director of thinkRED film & media in Melbourne, Australia.

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