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A selection of catalogues from the Melbourne International Animation Festival.

A Career in Animation

While travelling through Europe recently on a scouting tour for interesting opportunities, among other adventures, I was introduced to the exceptional UK animator Phil Mulloy at a film festival. The studious animator introducing us took the time to point out that Phil is one of the rare creative souls in the industry who has made a decent living from his work. A prolific animator, Phil has produced over 100 films in his career and is highly regarded as an auteur in his field. If this is the par to reach in the UK, then it made me think about our own industry and what opportunities are available here.

A Career of Deadlines

Event Management is a multi-million dollar industry ($17.36 billion annually according to CareerOne), which is growing rapidly in Australia. MICE (Meetings, Incentives and Events), exhibitions, conferences and seminars as well as live music and sporting events are held regularly in most major cities. The industry includes events of all sizes from the Olympics down to a breakfast meeting for ten business people.

Sound Designers Have Great Balance

Sound and images are brought together in so many ways around us. The films we watch on cinema screens with surround sound audio scapes, the television programs brought to us on lounge room size plasma screens, our multimedia monitors, radio, games, video mp3 devices, even the beeping fridge in the kitchen, have all been designed with sounds to evoke emotions and attach personality and meaning.

Purity and Beauty in Metalwork: the Art of Estonian Jewellery

Slowly sauntering through the medieval stone streets of the old city of Tallinn on a sunny April afternoon, Terri Dentry couldn’t help but linger just a little while at the shop front of A-Galerii, a picturesque gallery of Estonian jewellery. What she didn’t expect was to be surprised with the gracefulness and creativity of the pieces bubbling over with the same sense of humour that abounds the whole city and its people.

The DAM Solution

To understand the importance of digital asset management, we only need to cast our minds back a few years, when assets like photographs were stored in dusty piles on shelves or the drawers of filing cabinets. With thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of images stored that way, how easily could someone be expected to find one particular image? How many hours/days would it take, and how much productivity was lost in the process?

Digital Asset Management Asia Pacific (DAMAP): A showcase of DAM expertise

Everyday we create, display, store, share, modify and search for creative images and ideas, but the business of successfully managing this process is, for many, a mystery of behemothic proportions. Finally, a showcase of experience and solutions is at our doorstep. Terri Dentry talks to several speakers in the line-up for the inaugural Digital Asset Management Asia Pacific (DAMAP) conference.

Could the REAL copywriters please stand up!

When we write job advertisements for copywriters I am always amazed at how many applicants we receive from so many different walks of life. There is a wonderful appeal to working in a role that doesn’t require dressing up for the part. I actually saw one advert the other day that said “work from home in your pyjama’s”. Is it really that easy, or appealing, to earn money spitting out lines of text for pet food companies? I decided to delve deeper into this world and asked a couple of successful copywriters how they made their mark.

The Persistance of Visuals: VJ technology

A VJ mixes time-based images like a DJ mixes streams of sound. ‘VJ’: A coin termed shortly before the beginning of MTV in 1981, referred to the presenter of video clips, much as a traditional radio DJ presents musical tracks. As the electronic technology to make music and pictures grew throughout the 1980s and 1990s, the concept of the VJ or the DJ has grown to include much more. From within the laboratory of the dance club, the DJ and VJ are these days involved in not only mixing streams of media, but also affecting the overall mix with real-time effects and computer driven overlays of additional sound and image. Terri Dentry talks to John Power, a veteran in the VJ sub culture and Emeritus Professor at the Centre for Design, RMIT.