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HGK Lucerne (Switzerland): Playing with “truth” in the image

Gerd Gockell, accoladed for his work in abstract animation, diverted the discussion to a fascinating insight into, arguably, the only new film genre of the last 40 years, fake documentaries. Gockell quickly pointed out, “nearly everything is done already [in abstract animation], the young don’t know the history, so are reinventing the wheel again. The new challenge is to experiment with the structure of the story”.

Australian Animation: From Devils who turn good, and supermarket musical massacres

As members of the film industry’s less glamorous family, animators could easily be mistaken for a minority group, and when coupled with the burden of constructing their art-form in a relatively isolated, under-funded, culturally poor environment they could be forgiven for their inconspicuous nature. But the truth of the matter is a far different story. Australians punch well above their weight on the world circuit of animation. We have a creative soul and collectively pull together to dream and create in an animated frenzy of film each year

Phil Mulloy (UK): The Dilemma of Humanity

Phil Mulloy is one of the UK’s most intriguing filmmakers. His distinctive black ink style has become as familiar as his black humour on the international festival circuit.

Marie Josee Saint Pierre (Canada): Norman McLaren here ...

History lessons come in all shapes and sizes. The short animated documentary “McLaren’s Negatives” by Montreal based filmmaker and animator, Marie-Josee Saint-Pierre, musters some of the latest technology to bring to life the words, images and works of one of animation’s true pioneers

Ben Tiefholz (Australia): Stories in the Stars

In the quiet surrounds of the ancient salt beds that make up Lake Tyrell the Boorong people gazed into the night skies and created legendary stories of the animals and people they saw twinkling back at them. Hundreds, and maybe thousands, of years later these stories have been rediscovered and come to life on the 16 metre domed ceiling at the Melbourne Planetarium.

Peter Chung (USA): Aeon Flux and the psychology of desire

Peter Chung created the original animated series Aeon Flux more than a decade ago, but its style and eccentric story lines are just as much a take on our current political and sociological landscape as they were back then. Chung spoke with Terri Dentry from his home in LA recently on the development of the beguiling Aeon.

Rosto (Netherlands): A Graphic Novel that asks you to “Just open up and don’t be scared”

Three flights of narrow winding stairs above a small serene park in downtown Amsterdam take you to the quiet little apartment where I found most of Rosto’s belongings albeit the great man himself. He was enjoying a couple of days at the Holland Animation Film Festival in Utretch this week, where his band Thee Wreckers were the opening act and his graphic novel and film projects were being discussed in rapid fire amongst the attending film buffs.

Regina Pessoa (Portugal): Tragic Story with a Happy Ending

Some people are different. All that they wish is to be like to the others, deliciously mixing among the crowd. There are people spending the rest of their lives fighting to achieve this, denying or hiding their differences. Some others assume it and raise up themselves, getting their place close to the others, in their hearts. Terri Dentry spoke to Regina Pessoa, the rising star of Portugese animation, about her film “Historia Tragica com Final Feliz” which captures this moment, at the 29th Festival Internacional de Cinema de Animacao, CINANIMA, in the beautiful town of Espinho in Portugal.