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Producer: Terri Dentry

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My very first screening of animated shorts left me dazed and bewildered .. all I could think of was what on earth was in their heads? Many years later, many conversations with animators later, and many GNT's later and I still dont have any enlightening answers. I did learn how to drink beer finally - in Portugal - an important skill at animation festivals. And I started writing a book about trying to understand how animated documentaries work that is waiting patiently for the next trip to Paris to get finished. I learnt that animators are mostly really intense and sometimes appear to be staring at your every move - which they are but usually its because you remind them of one of their clay puppets. The journey's been fun so far :-)

Editor: Josie Spurling

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Josie is like that old dog with a bone .. if she knows you have a good story she will hunt you down.

people we ask to contribute all the time

Malcolm Turner, Exec Director MIAF


Malcolm has spent most of his life running arts and cultural events in Australia, UK, USA, Europe, Canada and New Zealand and doing his best to enjoy the constant travel that is part and parcel of that lifestyle.

Given the choice he would usually pick a quiet spot with a view rather than a bustling market but experiencing all the good things that the world offers is the main game.

His favourite city to visit is probably San Francisco, wishes the whole world could be just like Estonia and - given the opportunity - would round up everybody in the world that is reponsible for the non-sensical 'theatre of security' that we endure at airports these days and give them a jolly good talking to.

He urges everybody to read Pat Smith's 'Ask The Pilot' column in Salon.com and would like to take this opportrunity to remind readers that toothpaste and deodorants aren't really that dangerous but that plastic bags a complete scourge.

Andrew Hagan, Lecturer, Charles Sturt University, & Co-Director, AIAF Wagga


Instead of leaping from his student days at CSU, Hages stayed on to be instrumental in the launch of Australia's only Bachelor degree dedicated to the art of Animation and Visual Effects. This course is devoted to students passionate about creating memorable visuals and fulfilling their desire to bring their imagination to life.

Hages knows a whole lot more about the technical side of animation than anyone we know, so whenever we get a question about why something is done in a particular way you'll find his name popping up in the text.