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Glass Crow: The Defenestration of Prague

The Defenestration of Prague may seem an obscure choice of subject for an animated film, but for award-winning US independent animator Steven Subotnick, who explores the event in his short film Glass Crow, it is an entirely natural step. Subotnick’s filmmaking career has long been characterised by an interest in myth, folklore and history.

Stories in the Stars: An aboriginal journey across the skies

In the quiet surrounds of the ancient salt beds that make up Lake Tyrell the Boorong people gazed into the night skies and created legendary stories of the animals and people they saw twinkling back at them. Hundreds, and maybe thousands, of years later these stories have been rediscovered and come to life on the 16 metre domed ceiling at the Melbourne Planetarium.

Ryan: Exposed layers of the human form

Ryan is not only a masterpiece of computer animation, it is a masterpiece of the human form. Having already won more than 60 international awards since it’s 2004 release, including the coveted Oscar for best animated short, the taking out of Best Film at this year’s Melbourne International Animation Festival (MIAF05) was probably not a surprise. Being in the privileged company of Steven Hoban, producer of this amazing work did, however, bring many a surprise when the layers of the story unfolded.

Marie Josee Saint Pierre (Canada): Norman McLaren here ...

History lessons come in all shapes and sizes. The short animated documentary “McLaren’s Negatives” by Montreal based filmmaker and animator, Marie-Josee Saint-Pierre, musters some of the latest technology to bring to life the words, images and works of one of animation’s true pioneers