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Hand over all your lunch moneyfav tshirt from threadless.com - check out their whole range of cool t's
beware the one-eyed duck staresome people really do think the ducks are following them
the puppet people are specialstupidly said out loud at voodoo conference in estonia
its expensive to be brokewhy do the banks always take your last five bucks in fees and then charge you another 30 bucks as a fine on the five they just took out ...
and the duck up the back said...more on those bloody ducks following everywhere, there's always one who wants to try again with the one-eyed duck stare tactic
Look monkeysif you havent heard this one you havent been to many animation fests
when the oil light comes on .. pull oversee homage to a jeep
just because it didnt happen doesnt mean it isnt trueslogan from thebladder.com .. these guys are really funny
it's 5.00 oclock somewhereanytime is fine for a gnt
mace only makes me horniermoonlight crew .. what else can you say
... i've had it up to here with midgetsagain with the moonlight crew

homage to the jeep

or .. why the background is "terracotta"

it was a sunny June day 2008, the toll of the previous MIAF week still lingering. Marcy and I jumped in the jeep and headed for wagga but no-one told the jeep that when Marcy and I start talking we aint paying any attention to anything else .. least of all a pesky little oil light that just popped up on the dashboard from no-where. I swear i'd never seen that little light before. 10 mins later we pulled into a friendly gas station as the jeep, now coughing and spluttering up burnt oil, started making some creepy clanging sounds - which is when the real damage was done. Engine burnt to a crisp we had to say goodbye to an old friend.